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SUK Cable

Suk Cable company is located in Guangdong. We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of optical fiber, communication cable, signal cable, RF coaxial cable, solar cable and distributed optical fiber sensing positioning system and related accessories.
The existing mature product eco-chain and hot-selling products are as follows: ADSS Cable, Double-jacket Single-armored Cable, Figure 8 Cable, Stranded Air-blowing Micro Cable, Drop Cable, OPGW, Grounding material, Railway Digital Signal Cable, Fiber Optic Patch Cord and Pigtail.
We provide full range of products for all your business needs.

Cable Products

International quality, Chinese price! Cable Manufacturer

Case or other product

European and American quality, Chinese price! SukCable - professional communication cable manufacturer!

SukCable - communication cable manufacturer!

  • Optical Fiber Preform

    For broad development space and perfect industry chain, SukCable set up Guangdong SukCable Optical Fiber Preform Co., Ltd. for optical fiber preform research and development and production.

  • Optical Fiber

    SukCable set up optical fiber production base in early 2009, and imported advanced test devices and instruments in the world, SukCable also imported 20 towers, 40 drawing lines from Finland for PhaseI, II & III Project, which can draw the preform with biggest diameter (Ф120mm-200mm), and the drawing speed reaches to 2100m/min.

  • Special Optical Cable

    SukCable has the top facilities in production and technical supportings. It has 26 thousand square meters single plant and 47 lines for flat type optical fiber cable production, the production capacity exceeds 2.5 million fiber core km per year.

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